Worst part of the day so far: Shadow Inoe falling down a dozen times.

Best part: folks on Capitol Hill offering us rides as I carried him home. The old hound is still heavy, but I made it.

He’s no worse for wear, thankfully, but his inability to get back up is hard to watch.

Watermelon and coffee. Yum. #breakfastofchampions

perfect day for a long hike (at Great Falls National Park)

Spring in DC (at Stanton Park, Washington, District of Columbia)

Reflections (at Tidal Basin)

Springtime on the Tidal Basin (at Jefferson Memorial Tidal Basin)

I find running sleep-deprived to be as hard or harder than running sick. Perfect spring day for it, though. (at At the National Mall, Washington. DC)

Let’s roll, baby

Mr. Wayne Burke has springier socks than me.

Crowded atrium at the World Bank in DC for a forum on poverty. (at World Bank)