Rainbow after sun showers. The late #summer deluge came & went.

After the rain (at Supreme Court of the United States)

Grilled pork tenderloin and peaches, cauliflower purée, green #summer salad with local heirloom tomatoes. Pairs well with a young French Viognier.

In the shade, enjoying the strong breeze along the Anacostia. Hot, humid air hangs heavy over much of DC but this is choice atmosphere. (at The Yards Park)

The theme of this dated “Web 2.0 map” remains relevant today: data access, usability & licensing a remain strategic points of control. http://www.techrepublic.com/article/porch-brings-data-driven-transparency-to-the-home-improvement-market/


Here’s why Apple bought Beats: By 2019, streaming will account for 70 percent of digital music revenue

Here’s another reminder why companies like Apple and Amazon are betting on streaming services: Streaming is quickly taking over as the major money-maker for the music industry, with 70 percent of all digital music revenue coming from streaming by 2019, according to an estimate from U.K.-based digital music analyst Mark Mulligan.

Full Story: GigaOm

Streaming music is the direct descendent of radio, which itself endures. Listeners exchange not owning the music for listening to ads. Which ads are inserted are increasingly online, personalized to your demographic and past buying behavior, at least online.


Amy Qin on the latest cinema trend emerging in China:

The new “bullet screen,” or danmu, model of movie-watching that has recently been introduced in select theaters in China can perhaps be most pithily summed up with the title of the 2010 Chinese action comedy “Let the Bullets Fly.”

In this case, the bullets don’t refer to actual bullets, but to text messages that audience members send via their mobile phones while watching the film. The messages are then projected onto the screen, so that at any given time the scene may be overlaid with multiple “bullets,” or comments, scrolling across the screen.

Pop-Up Video. But in a theater. With content populated by the crowd. Of teens. What could go wrong?

This is only one more step towards interactive cinema, and a crude integration at that — wait until 3D goggles — the descenders of Google Glass and Oculus Rift — connect audience sentiment to the narrative, along with conversations, “choose your own adventure” plots and physical feedback loops into the seats.

"…eventually all things merge into one, & a river runs through it."—Norman Maclean.

Map of every waterway in the continental USA by Nelson Milner. Code and data: http://www.somebits.com/rivers/rivers-d3leaflet.html#8/37.957/-120.976

Wired.com write up: http://www.wired.com/2013/06/infographic-this-detailed-map-shows-every-river-in-the-united-states/?cid=co9216134

"Sugar baby" watermelon, basil, mozzarella, aged fig balsamic vinegar. Tasty. #summer #amusebouche

Yum. Rockfish agnolotti with chanterelles and shaved truffles. #omnomnom (at Beuchert’s Saloon)