Come into my web, said the spider to whatever bugs dared to flit bye

Gorge trail (at Stony Brook State Park)

Ferny (at Stony Brook State Park)

Cane Corso puppy. Gonna be a BIG dog.

10 week old Cane Corso puppy. I feel like I’m being sized up.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls (at Stony Brook State Park)

Made pancakes with wild blueberries and local maple syrup this morning. Turned out even better than I had hoped.

I can’t think of a meal that has stronger resonance from my childhood in upstate New York, despite fond memories of venison sausage and stews, scrapple, fresh-baked bread, or potato & leek soup.

Each bite brings me back over 3 decades, to a time when the days lasted forever and the underside of each stone and log held fresh wonders.

I bet this was a riot.

Colorful free range eggs

Today’s haul. Can’t wait for blueberry pancakes tomorrow.