Will Firechat spark at Burning Man in 2014 as Twitter did at SXSWi in 2007? https://plus.google.com/113117251731252114390/posts/VjJmTWih8g3 HT mikeelgan

@darth reimagines the space plane of the near future. This kinda made my day.

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Grateful to be able to get out to one of @Mapbox’s garage parties again, courtesy of a hall pass. Thanks to @egundersen & co. for the hospitality. (at Mapbox)

Outstanding. (at The Pig)

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder: “Enforcement priorities & arrest patterns must not lead to disparate treatment under the law, even if such treatment is unintended. And police forces should reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.” http://m.stltoday.com/news/opinion/article_ea8b7358-67a3-5187-af8c-169567f27a0d.html

I’d thought Holder might leave a legacy on voting rights. 

“This comes down, in some ways, to a fundamental question of who we are—who we are as a people,” he told Jeffrey Toobin, this winter. “The history of this nation has always been to try to expand the franchise. Whether it’s freed slaves, women, young people, we’ve always found ways to make it easier to vote. We’ve always found ways in which we’ve made the voting process more inclusive. What these folks are intending to do, or certainly the impact of what they’re going to do, is to turn their backs on that history. To turn our backs on that history is inconsistent with who we say we are as a nation.”

Now, I wonder if this attorney general will take on something bigger, ordering concrete actions to shift systemic racism, bias and discrimination after the spark that has been lit in #Ferguson.

4 tips for social media optimization on Facebook from Robert Scoble

4 tips for social media optimization on Facebook from Robert Scoble

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NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen Rosen has been trying to trick Facebook’s algorithm by starting his updates with “You guys! Exciting personal news: I’m moving to New York!” and “Big news in my personal life. I’m engaged!” and “I have some exciting personal news. A new job!”

What Rosen is experimenting with here is social media optimization (SMO), or the art and science of getting your updates…

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White House e-petition system hits 15 million users, 22 million signatures and 350,000 petitions

White House e-petition system hits 15 million users, 22 million signatures and 350,000 petitions

Last week, the White House took a victory lap  for a novel event in U.S. history, when a bill that had its genesis as an online petition to the United States government filed at WhiteHouse.gov became law after the 113th Congress actually managed to passed a bill.

In a blog post explaining how cell phone locking became legal, Ezra Mechaber, deputy director of email and petitions in the White House…

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Nominated for best brunch on Capitol Hill: @BeuchertsSaloon. http://beuchertssaloon.com/ (at Beuchert’s Saloon)

Picnicking on that National Mall (at The National Mall)

Nap time in dad’s favorite Capitol Hill grotto. http://www.aoc.gov/capitol-grounds/summerhouse (at Summerhouse)