Jimmy T’s is a Capitol Hill institution: small town diner, free of pretense: http://thehill.com/special-reports/food-lovers-june-2013/305195-jimmy-ts-s-a-capitol-hill-favorite Thank you, Cynde! (at Jimmy T’s)

Holdovers from political life in DC two decades ago in the local Capitol Hill diner. (at Jimmy T’s)

One of the best mint juleps in DC. Glad that a quiet meeting provided an opportunity. (at Willard InterContinental Hotel, Washington D.C.)

Beyond the new fences, the people’s house continues to feel open. (at The White House)

New fencing is not an attractive addition. (at The White House)

Passing Freedom Plaza on the way to the White House. I still take in Normanis satisfaction experiencing these kinds of moments in DC. (at Freedom Plaza)

Yes, it matters if senior staff at your institution use social media. Here’s why.

Yes, it matters if senior staff at your institution use social media. Here’s why.

Over at GigaOm, Mathew Ingram asks whether it matters whether some editors and reporters at the New York Times tweet or not, riffing on the “Twitter graveyard” that Charlie Warzel dug up at Buzzfeed. As Warzel notes, dozens of Times staff are dormant or are “eggs,” with default accounts. My answer is simple: yes, it matters, and as I clarified to Patrick LaForge, a long-time, active Twitter user…

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Who is supporting open data for government spending and why? As always, follow the money. (at JW Marriott Washington, DC)

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